General Terms of Service

Policies specific for the File Hosting services

Purchasing Services

  • The File Hosting service is available for anyone to sign up with valid credentials. The account can be created for free, then the desired services can be purchased via the control panel.
  • Payments can be made with credit cards.
  • The purchased services are charged in 30 days blocks, starting from the date of activation.


  • Once a purchased service is activated, an email notification is sent to the account’s email address on record.

Refund Policy

  • The client can cancel a service only if they have enough free space at the time of processing their request.
  • When a service is canceled, the client will be refunded for any unused period following the current 30 day block. Refunds are transferred to the same payment method used for purchasing the service subscription. The card issuing bank decides how the refunded amount is handled or deposited.

Privacy Policy