About Us

Yusran is a deep-rooted corporation that has been working in information technology since 1995. And here we provide a variety of online services to cover the demand for reliable and affordable cloud hosting services targeted at small businesses and individuals.

Why choose Yusran

Two key words: flexibility and quality.

We are proud that what sets us apart from other businesses working in this field is the quality of the technical support that we provide, as our deep experience in technological divergence enables us to quickly understand and resolve the various problems that may face our clients.

On the other hand, with the spread of micro-service style hosting offers from giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others, setting up your web application becomes a big hassle, and unless you are well educated on computer networking and server management, you will find that managing your own web hosting could be a headache, to say the least.
And this where we come to make your life easier: Our range of services allows you to pick the options that fit your technical requirements and we take care of the rest.

What Does the Name Yusran Mean?

In Arabic, the name “Yusran”, written as “يسران”, is interpreted to mean “ease” or “facilitation.” The root word “يسر” (yus’r) in Arabic is associated with concepts of ease and making something easier. So, “Yusran” conveys a sense of something being made easier or more manageable.

Specifically, the suffix “An” comes from the Sumerian word for the divine power of the sky (aka Anu), which makes the word Yusran mean: The Facilitation Done By The Sky’s Divine Power.