Document and File Hosting

Document Hosting

Document hosting is a service for having your documents (and, generally, any kind of file) stored on one or more cloud servers. The documents are automatically synchronized with one or more of your devices.

You can access these documents using the regular File Manager (on your phone or computer, for example), and also using a web browser. E.g. you can view photos, read and edit text documents or worksheets, etc, all from within the web browser.

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File Hosting

File hosting is a service for having your files stored on one of our cloud servers. You can access these files over the sftp (ssh) protocol using applications like WinSCP, RaiDrive, or Air Live Drive.

Our File Hosting is ideal for storing your valuable backups. You can set it as a target for your favorite backup program (e.g. Duplicati, Restic, Windows Backup, RoboCopy)

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