Document Hosting

Document hosting is a service for having your documents (and, generally, any kind of file) stored on one or more cloud servers. The documents are automatically synchronized with one or more of your devices.

You can access these documents using the regular File Manager (on your phone or computer, for example), and also using a web browser. E.g. you can view photos, read and edit text documents or worksheets, etc, all from within the web browser.

This service is possible thanks the open-source software project NextCloud.

While NextCloud is not limited to file synchronization and real-time remote collaboration, it is the core feature.

With plug-ins or add-ons, NextCloud can be extended to become your online mail reader, picture viewer, map-photo-tagger, media player, document editor, password vault, password manager, note-taking notepad, feed reader, and other countless possibilities.

NextCloud can be accessed from a web browser, and also has sync clients for the major operating systems (Desktop and Mobile), including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

We at Yusran Cloud Services will help you by setting up your private NextCloud instance on a server you control, or on one of our own servers.

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