File Hosting

File hosting is a service for having your files stored on one of our cloud servers. You can access these files over the sftp (ssh) protocol using applications like WinSCP, RaiDrive, or Air Live Drive. (WebDAV coming soon).

For Backups

Our File Hosting is ideal for storing your valuable backups. You can set it as a target for your favorite backup program (e.g. Duplicati, Restic, Windows Backup, RoboCopy), and off you go.

There are no data transfer quotas nor additional charges.

For Personal Media Collectors

Huge photo and video collection? Big music library? A curated collection of fine Linux ISOs? No problem!

Keep your personal photo, video, music, and other media collections safely encrypted on your cloud drive. Map your cloud storage to a drive in Windows (using RaiDrive or WebDAV) and you’ve got them just like any other local drive: You can access them using the Windows file explorer. You can open them with regular applications. Rename, move, delete, or copy them as you would any other files or folders.

For Data Hoarders

Archive to your heart’s content.

Get all the storage that you need with the flexibility of expanding or shrinking it in steps using a versatile control panel.

Additional Storage for NextCloud and OwnCloud

When your self-hosted NextCloud or OwnCloud instance is running low on free space fret no more! Attach your cloud storage to your instance and enjoy your hot cup of coffee.

Please contact us now with your requirements for a free consultation or a quotation!