How we keep your servers secure

We have been managing online servers since the year 2000. We have an excellent record in security with zero breaches. We have the experience and the right personnel.

When you rent a managed server from us (physical or virtual), we take care of it just like one of our own, with a bundle of measures that keep the servers fortified covering a spectrum of aspects.

The list of these measure can be long, so here are some of them:

  • Using reputable software that is only obtained from reputable and verified sources.
  • Immediate integration of security updates.
  • Periodic integration of feature updates.
  • Periodic scanning for hacking entry holes (penetration-testing from the outside).
  • Periodic scanning for possible weaknesses in the system configuration.
  • A virus and malware scanner is always running on the system and is up to date.
  • A strict firewall that only allows a selection of applications to communicate over the internet.
  • Daily backups stored off-site.

There are also measures to ensure the continuous availability of the server, in case something goes wrong. This is known in the industry as High Availability (HA), and we offer it according to your requirements (e.g. and uptime percentage, like 99.9%) versus the cost.